West Plant Explosion Lawyers

Derek Merman has teamed up with reknowned trial attorneys Dick DeGuerin, Robert Luke and Dan Barton to represent victims of the fertilizer plant explosion near Waco, Texas.  This group of West Plant Explosion Lawyers individually have some of the largest verdicts in Texas in the past several years.

West Fertilizer Company Plant Explosion

At 8 p.m. on April 17, 2013, the town of West, Texas was devastated by a massive explosion at a West fertilizer plant.  The explosion leveled a four-block radius of homes and businesses and left more than 14 confirmed dead and another 200 injured.  Among the deceased are eleven
first responders, including at least five volunteer fire fighter. George Smith, West’s Director of Emergancy Services, estimates the death toll could rise to as many as seventy.  The explosion in West is the most deadly industrial accident in more than sixty years.  The West Plant Explosion Lawyers are investigating the cause of the explosion and will keep the public up-to-date on their Plant Explosion Blog. 

The West Plant Explosion Lawyers reach out to the Victims of the West plant explosion

Derek Merman was raised on a ranch near Waco, Texas.  Derek graduated from Baylor University and knows the people of West and Waco and is devastated by the loss suffered by his friends and former neighbors.

Derek Merman was raised by his mother on a horse ranch after his father was killed in a plane accident.  Derek and West Plant Explosion Lawyers understand what it is like to suffer catastrophic loss due to the negligence of others.  Derek grew up fishing on Lake Waco and dancing the polka at WestFest.  When his house burned down his senior year of high school, the community came together to help Derek and his mom put the pieces back together.  Now Derek is in a position to help the victims of the plant explosion in West.

The Merman Law Firm knows industrial accidents

Mr. Merman knows how to hold companies accountable for industrial accidents.  Last year Derek was co-lead counsel in an industrial accident case against DuPont.  Mr. Merman and his co-counsel received a verdict for the injured worker of over $11,000,000.  The year before, Mr. Merman got a verdict in Federal Court in Beaumont of over $16,000,000 for another injured Texan.  Mr. Merman understands personally the loss suffered by those injured in industrial accidents and the unbearable pain of those who lose loved ones to catastrophic accidents and plant explosions specifically.

Success has not jaded Mr. Merman. He remains caring and compassionate with all of his clients. Because he maintains a small docket, his clients are like family to him.  Mr. Merman has not forgotten how important a skilled, caring and compassionate lawyer is.

If you or a loved one has been injured in the West Plant Explosion, call the Merman Law Firm.