The Merman Law Firm in the News

The Merman Law Firm is in the News from time to time.  Mr. Merman has been interviewed more than a dozen times on television, in newspapers, and on the radio.  The Merman Law Firm often takes on cases that are important to society locally and nationally.  Below are links to a few of the recent articles about The Merman Law Firm.

The Merman Law Firm – Oral Arguments at the 5th Circuit

It is rare to have the opportunity to argue an important social issue to an appellate court and Mr. Merman got that opportunity in an Oral Argument to the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in the case of Joseph Roberts v. Rodney Cole, II, et al.  Click here to listen to the argument. While the Court ultimately ruled against us, the Merman Law Firm is proud that it took a stand against endemic and unjustifiable police brutality.

Derek Merman wins the biggest civil rights verdict in Texas history – more than $16 million

Mr. Merman made quite a splash with his $16 million verdict in Roberts v. Cole et. al. in January 2011.  The Roberts’ case, for which Derek took no fee, was the largest civil rights verdict in Texas history.  The verdict was more than four times the Rodney King settlement.  The case got a lot of news coverage – we were very proud of Mr. Merman standing up for the little guy and working tirelessly for free to do what is right.

The Merman Law Firm receives recognition for standing up for the rights of HIV+ citizens

The Merman Law Firm doesn’t take many civil rights cases, but the cases Mr. Merman does take are socially important.  The Merman Law Firm is active in the fight to stamp out discrimination of all kinds.  Click here to view news.

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