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Results & Representative Cases

The Merman Law Firm has enjoyed fantastic success for its clients over the years. Our lawyers have been able to win and negotiate millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Most importantly, our lawyers and staff have changed the lives of hundreds of clients through our recoveries and we have built friendships that persist. Most of our cases are referred to us by former clients and lawyers, which is the highest compliment we could expect.

The Results and Representative Cases begin with three cases that are the subjects of our case studies included at the base of the Home Page.  Following those in-depth examinations are a few cases of each type that The Merman Law Firm routinely handles: Auto Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Industrial Accidents, Maritime Accidents, Defective Products, and Personal Injuries.

In each of the results below, you will find a non-exhaustive list of cases with explanations of the underlying facts and the result we achieved for our clients.  Each case is valued and decided on its own individual merits, so the cases discussed are intended to give you a flavor of what to expect when you rely on the Merman Law Firm for your personal injury issues.

The Merman Law Firm has handled hundreds of cases and collected tens of millions of dollars for its clients, so it is impossible to list them all here.  But we have included a few of each kind of case so that you can get an idea of who you are dealing with and what it means to provide exceptional personal service to personal injury victims.