My experience with Mr. Merman and his associates was fantastic. I was impressed by the professionalism with which my case was handled, as well as with the results of my settlement. Derek is very knowledgeable, skilled, and personable; I recommend him without reservation. “

-Ms. Painter

Derek Merman is a consummate professional, he communicated with us at every turn and treated us with dignity and respect.  Mr. Merman always took the time to listen and explained every step of the way.  Mr. Merman and/or his staff was always on hand to answer any questions we had or supply us with information. We always felt like we were a part of the process. Our case was handled with the utmost satisfaction and I recommend Derek Merman to everyone in need of legal services.”


It is rare to find good attorneys these days, so I considered myself extremely fortunate to have been referred to Derek to help me get through a very rough accident claim. He epitomises the definition of professionalism. I knew when he said he would take care of it or me, he meant it…because he did at every turn. He has since become my personal friend and an adviser I have come to respect and appreciate. He has represented me and my oldest son on two separate cases. I highly recommend Derek Merman for your legal needs.”

Warmest Regards,

Tonia Capuano

Derek was one of the trial lawyers who represented us on a case regarding a work accident. Easy to work with. Very detail oriented and thorough. “

-Bobby Roye

I loved having this firm represent me! They took care of everything, did an amazing job, and were helpful and supportive the whole way through. Definitely the best!”

-Nicole Hall

LOVED the support and service I received while working with this Law Firm they take Lead and handle business to benefit YOU for anything and everything you may need them for! I will definitely refer anyone who ask!”

-Deondre Bogan

I’ve been working through a case with this firm since April and they have provided nothing but the best of service. I was in a car wreck and had little to no cost out of pocket thanks to them, as well as getting the most amount of money out of the settlement as possible. Really appreciate all that they did for me. If you need someone to represent you come here and they will take care of you. Thank you Derek and Tommie!”

-Dana Thomas

Greatly appreciated the firm helping to consult with a co-worker’s son who got into a motorcycle accident.”

-Anthony Indemaio

Derek is a champion for his clients. He is dedicated, compassionate, practical, and sharp. He is also extremely responsive and communicates clearly and respectfully. We felt very grateful and fortunate to have found Derek at just the right time when we needed assistance.”


Top-notch lawyers. Highly respected in the legal community.”

-Christian Lassen


Cristina Gomez & Derek Merman.

C.G “I’m very happy with my house the lawyer was able to help my family and I get, also Mario he’s very happy with his van. We are happy with everything he accomplished, very grateful to God and for Tommie who has always been there to help us with anything; if it hadn’t been for them we would not be receiving all the help we got from the beginning. Only they would be able to accomplish all of this. I’m very grateful to Derek. May God bless him and allow him to continue to help many people as he has, sometimes people don’t find the indicated person to help them with a case. I am very grateful for this house that I never thought I’d be able to have, and Mario is also very grateful for everything they have done for us.”

D.M “It’s My Pleasure.”

C.G “For all their help. To be able to receive everything he needs including his medication. To be able to take him to any clinic where he can get the help he needs. This doesn’t end here, we still have a battle. His van is beautiful; it allows us to take him to church. Initially, I was very scared but now I drive it very well. Again, we are very grateful for you”

D.M “Were you content with our service?”

C.G “Very happy with your service. I hope you continue to help people. I know God will bless you as a reward because other lawyers have denied to help us with our case. Thank God he placed you in our path.”

D.M “ Thank You”