Derek Merman is the managing partner of the Merman Law Firm, which focuses on cases that involve important social issues, serious injuries and negligent corporations. Since losing his father in a plane accident caused by a negligent plane manufacturer, Mr. Merman has personal knowledge of how important it is to have a skilled and caring personal injury attorney. By keeping a small docket, he is able to treat his clients like family and takes great pride in providing his clients with the attention, care and compassion they deserve.

The Merman Law Firm - three types of cases:

First, the Merman Law Firm represents people that have suffered serious injuries because of the negligence of another person or company.  Mr. Merman derives a lot of satisfaction helping people whose lives have been changed by a death or serious injury caused by a company that refuses to take responsibility for its negligence.  Mr. Merman has represented people who have been seriously burned, electrocuted, poisoned by a chemical release or defective product, as well as clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.  Mr. Merman has also represented families who have lost loved ones as a result of defective products, accidental drowning, assaults, boating accidents and car accidents.  Mr. Merman is uniquely situated to help clients who have suffered a loss because of a company’s negligence; in fact, when he was six years old, he was such a client – Derek’s father, Bruce Merman, was killed in a plane crash two weeks before Derek’s sixth birthday.

The second type of case the Merman Law Firm accepts is a pure trial case.  A growing number of lawyers and law firms turn to Derek Merman to help them try their important law suits.  There are a lot of very smart, talented lawyers who, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable in trial or simply need an experienced trial lawyer to help get their point across.  Very few attorneys relish the pressure and attention that comes with trying a big lawsuit and even fewer have the specific skills and experience required to excel in trial.  Mr. Merman possesses the requisite skills as has been proven in his results.  Mr. Merman has won several awards for his success in trial and has helped many attorneys successfully try their cases and vindicate their clients’ rights.  Mr. Merman truly enjoys the challenge of trial and he has won far more verdicts than he has lost.

The last type of cases the Merman Law Firm accepts are those involving important social issues.  These cases usually involve violations of constitutional rights.  Sometimes it is simply a good person who is being mistreated by a bully – some person or company that believes they can take advantage of the “little guy” because the “little guy” usually cannot fight back.  When this happens, regardless of whether the case will be financially successful, Mr. Merman fights for the little guy.  Mr. Merman cannot help every person who is being taken advantage of – unfortunately there are far more bullies than there should be – but he tries to help those he can.  The law is not just a career, it is a profession and Mr. Merman believes attorneys have a duty to give back to the community.

Meet Our Team


Derek Merman

Andrea Kolski – Of Counsel

Paralegals and Support Staff

Tommie Yeiter Vicknair – Head Paralegal/Office Manager


She has a loving touch when it comes to hiring and firing.  But mostly what she does is mother the founder (naturally, as she is his mother) and the rest of the staff.  She keeps morale high and sets a standard for excellence that she instilled in her only son at a very early age.  And, as a Merman, she was a natural choice for the Merman Law Firm.  If you need to contact Charlotte, you can link her email here or just give us a call.