Alert: One Minute Miracle Dietary Supplements Recalled by Food & Drug Administration

Among the latest in a series of recent FDA drug recalls is one issued involving two dietary supplements manufactured and distributed by One Minute Miracle, Inc., a retailer of weight loss supplements, hemp oil, vitamins and other products. The two supplements, Miracle Diet 30 and Miracle Rock 48, have been shown in an analysis conducted by the Food & Drug Administration, to contain what are considered “undeclared drug products,” or those that make the supplements fall under the category of “unapproved drugs.” While no reports of illness related to these products have been issued to date, attorneys at the Merman Law Firm, P.C. are informing clients and the general public about possible risks associated with using the recalled drugs.

Miracle Diet 30 Concerns

The FDA’s analysis indicated that the Miracle Diet 30 product, which is supposed to suppress appetite and encourage weight loss, contained undeclared phenolphthalein, which was once a common ingredient used in over-the-counter laxatives until it was taken off the market because of fears of it being a carcinogen. Studies indicate that long-term use of the phenolphthalein found in Miracle Diet 30 could lead to serious health issues, from gastrointestinal distress to cancer and irregular heartbeat.

Miracle Rock 48 Concerns

The FDA analysis also revealed the presence of undeclared thiosildenafil in the One Minute Miracle male enhancement supplement Miracle Rock 48. An analogue of sildenafil, which is used to enhance male sexual performance, thiosildenafil has been linked to a sudden and substantial reduction in blood pressure when used alongside nitrates.

What to Do if Taking These Products

Those who are currently taking Miracle Diet 30 or Miracle Rock 48 should discontinue use immediately and contact One Minute Miracle about obtaining a refund for the cost of the products. Those who have taken either supplement and experienced health problems as a result should first contact a medical professional and then report the side effects to the FDA.

Pursuing Legal Action

Those who have taken either Miracle Diet 30 or Miracle Rock 48 and suffered health issues due to the consumption of these products may consider pursuing claims against One Minute Miracle, the maker and distributor of the products.  While every case is different, a qualified drug recall attorney can assess each case and determine its merit and whether it will likely be worth it to move forward in pursuing damages.

Those who believe they have suffered medical or health issues as a result of taking Miracle Diet 30, Miracle Rock 48 or any other over-the-counter supplement or prescription drug are advised to contact an attorney.