Drowning Accidents


Every day in the United States, around 10 people die from drowning accidents. In fact, drowning accidents are the 5th leading cause of unintentional deaths in the United States, and the 3rd leading cause of unintentional deaths worldwide. Among the 10 people who die every day in drowning accidents, 2 of them are children 14 years old or younger.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found that for every child who dies from drowning, there are 5 other children who receive emergency room treatment for nonfatal submersion injuries. Unfortunately, these nonfatal drowning injuries can cause permanent brain damage, which can lead to other life-long disabilities. Some disabilities common to a nonfatal submersion injury include memory problems, learning disabilities, and even permanent vegetative state.

drowning2Statistically, the populations with the highest risk of an accidental drowning are males, children, and minorities. Males have two times the drowning mortality rate than females, and researchers believe this to be because they are less risk-averse than females. Children (especially those 1-4 years old) have the highest drowning rates, usually because they do not know how to swim or there isn’t proper supervision. Finally, the CDC has found that the fatal unintentional drowning rate for African Americans was much higher than whites and spans all age ranges.

Other risk factors that have an effect on drowning accidents are the inability to swim, lack of close supervision, failure to wear life jackets, and alcohol use. The CDC recommends that parents or other supervisors of children be close enough to touch the child at all times in case of an emergency situation. Additionally, other recommendations include taking formal swim lessons, learning CPR, and avoiding alcohol around water.

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