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image of someone drowning in ocean

Drowning Accidents

Drowning is the number one cause of death in the United States for children 1-4 years old.  Overall, drowning is the fifth-leading cause of unintentional death in the United States.  Every day in the United States, ten people drown; two of the ten are children under the age of 14.  Most die in backyard swimming pools or pools at apartment complexes where the safety gates are not functioning properly.  Often, a child is out of his parents’ sight for just a few minutes.  But, because children are naturally attracted to water, a few minutes is all it takes to destroy the lives of an entire family.

Over the years, Mr. Merman has represented families that lost children to drowning incidents in home swimming pools because of defective fencing and defective warnings, parents of children who died in neighborhood retention ponds, and parents who lost children because the gate and/or fencing at an apartment swimming pool was defective and poorly maintained. If you have a loved one that suffered a tragic drowning death, contact the Merman Law Firm. Mr. Merman is very experienced, and our firm is here to help you through this difficult time.