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Plant Explosions

Chemical plants and refineries are inherently dangerous places to work. The list of ways a person can be injured at a plant include toxic exposure to deadly chemicals, fires, careless contractors or co-workers, pinch point injuries, falls, equipment collapses and plant explosions. The root cause of most plant explosions is faulty equipment and corporate decisions placing profits over people’s safety.  

Unlike some other industrial injuries that can occur in a plant, no one is safe from a plant explosion.  Plant explosions put every worker and the surrounding community in danger. Whether you are a foreman, driver, engineer, technician, turnaround specialist, shift leader, loader, or process operator, when old equipment fails or incompetent co-workers cause the process to spin out of control at a plant, a deadly chain reaction puts everyone in danger.   

Plant explosions are historically the most deadly and well-publicized industrial accidents. The gulf coast, and especially the Texas and Louisiana coasts, are home more coastal refineries and chemical processing plants than any other place in the United States. Texas and Louisiana also have seen the most disastrous plant explosions in the history of our country.  And the Merman Law Firm has represented people killed or injured in nearly every major plant explosion in the last decade.

Experienced Plant Explosion Lawyers

The Merman Law Firm has helped victims of nearly every plant explosion that has occurred in Texas and Louisiana since 2005.

British Petroleum – Texas City – March 23, 2005

On March 23, 2005, Texas City was rocked by one of the most devastating plant explosions in years. The BP plant in Texas City, which at the time was the second largest refinery in Texas and the third largest in the United States, suffered a catastrophic explosion that killed 15 workers and injured 180 more. Because of poor equipment and negligent operation, the raffinate towers overfilled and released a vapor cloud of hydrocarbons, which ignited when the vapor cloud came into contact with an ignition source (believed to be a running vehicle).  

Derek Merman represented more than a dozen of the workers injured in the BP plant explosion.

Adair Grain – West, Texas – April 17, 2013

On April 17, 2013, the small town of West, Texas suffered an enormous explosion at the Adair Grain fertilizer plant. The explosion was caused by ammonium nitrate, mixed with diesel and water, exploded and killed 15 workers, injured 160 and damaged more than 150 buildings in the community.  

West, Texas is near and dear to Mr. Merman’s heart.  He went to high school about an hour from West and, while in college at Baylor, never missed the West Czechfest.  So when the people of West needed help recovering from the injuries they got in the plant explosion, Derek offered his help. The Merman Law Firm helped a single mother recover when a wall collapsed on her because of the explosion and helped another man who was blown through a door.  

Plant explosions require the best, most experienced plant explosion lawyer.  They are complicated and difficult.  But if you have the best plant explosion lawyer, everything usually works out fine. The Merman Law Firm has experience with almost every plant explosion in Texas and Louisiana in the last decade.  

The Merman Law Firm has represented hundreds of people injured in plant explosions and other industrial accidents.  Mr. Merman is knowledgeable on chemical processes, OSHA regulations, worker safety and corporate decisions to put profits over people. If you or a loved one has been injured in a plant explosion, call the experienced plant explosion lawyers at the Merman Law Firm for a free consultation.