What to Be Aware of When Driving Near Commercial Trucks

What to Be Aware of When Driving Near Commercial Trucks

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 508 commercial truck-involved fatal crashes occurred on state roads in 2014. A total of 588 fatalities occurred as a result of those crashes, leading residents, lawmakers and a personal injury lawyer in Houston to seek out new ways of enhancing safety on Texas roadways. Many of these crashes and fatalities can be avoided if residents are to become increasingly aware of the dangers associated with driving around commercial trucks. Here’s a look at how to enhance safety when sharing Texas highways with tractor-trailer trucks, compliments of the Merman Law Firm, P.C.

Recognize That Truckers Have Blind Spots

While anyone who has ever driven a car probably knows that a blind spot is an area that makes it tough to see while operating a vehicle, far less residents are aware of the blind spots experienced by drivers of commercial trucks. Called “no zones,” these areas around trucks where accidents are most likely to happen extend in front, behind and on either side of the truck itself. Because motorists traveling in these areas are unlikely to be visible to commercial truck drivers, avoiding them entirely is a driver’s best bet at staying safe.

Know That Trucks Produce Strong Wind Gusts

Many accidents involving commercial trucks result from the substantial wind gusts they create. Texas motorists should exercise caution while passing or being passed by commercial trucks by keeping both hands firmly on the wheel and slowing down to a lower speed. This makes it easier for the motorist to stay in control of the car in the event of a major gust of wind that may otherwise send the driver off-course.

Leave Adequate Space Between Cars and Tractor-Trailer Trucks

Many Texas commercial truck-involved accidents could be avoided if motorists were to exercise more caution in keeping a safe distance between their vehicles and commercial trucks. A good rule of thumb, according to a personal injury lawyer in Houston, is to travel, at minimum, about four seconds behind tractor-trailer trucks at all times. This keeps drivers out of the trucker’s blind spots, and it also helps ensure that motorists are able to clearly see when a driver intends to turn or change lanes. This is particularly important when traveling on hills, where truckers have even less control over their vehicles.

While taking the aforementioned actions is a great way to minimize one’s chances of becoming a victim in a tractor trailer-involved road accident, not all crashes with commercial trucks are unavoidable. Those who have been injured or have lost a loved one as a result of an accident involving a tractor-trailer truck are encouraged to consult an attorney.