Lufkin Texas men injured in Wyoming Plant fire

Our hopes and prayers go out today for four Lufkin, Texas men badly burned in a plant explosion in Casper, Wyoming.  Cody Clark, Dwayne Benett, Chris Lowe and Joey Holloway were all seriously burned in a flash fire at the Conoco Phillips – Lost Cabin natural gas processing facility over the weekend.  All four men are reportedly in critical condition.  All four men work for Altair Strickland out of LaPorte, Texas.  They were doing contract work in Wyoming.

We know from experience that the road to recovery will be long and painful for these men.  Typically burn injuries become more dangerous and life-threatening after days or weeks in the hospital.  Skin protects us from infections and when the skin is damaged in a burn, it loses its ability to defend us.  Infections, multiple-organ failure, sepsis, and neuropathy are typical complications in burn cases.  We know the difficult road in front of these men from experience.

Derek Merman was one of two lead attorneys in a trial against Dupont in March, 2012 that resulted in a verdict of $11.9 million.  In that case a contractor was seriously burned in a plant accident.  His story, recounted by his wife, his doctors, his friends and himself was a heartbreaking and uplifting story about overcoming tremendous odds.  It is difficult to express to a jury of twelve strangers how a burn affects a person’s life because it affects a person’s life on so many levels.  Burns are perhaps the most difficult injuries to overcome physically, emotionally and psychologically.    The scars these Lufkin men will have inside and outside will last a lifetime.

We at the Merman Law Firm offer our hopes, prayers and assistance to these men and their families.