Houston Burn Injuries

Burns are one of the most common household injuries, especially among children. While many people are aware of the three (technically 4) levels of burn injuries that can occur when a person is burned, many people are probably not aware of the fact that serious burn injuries could lead to permanent disability, and even death if not treated properly.

An estimated 450,000 people in the United States receive treatment for burn injuries every year. Approximately 3,500 of those 450,000 people die from their injuries. However, even those who survive from their injuries can be left with permanent scarring and tissue damage, and can require routine hospital stays and treatments to help with the healing process.

There are 4 types of burn injuries, referred to as first, second, third, and fourth-degree burns.  First-degree burns are characterized as having no blisters, pink skin, and healing relatively quickly without leaving a scar. Second-degree burns are characterized as having blisters, being very painful, and leaving scarring or discoloration after they heal. Third-degree burns are characterized as leaving the skin looking like dry leather or having a charred appearance, and leaving scars after healing. Although third-degree burns are more severe than first and second-degree burns, they are often painless because the burns are so intense that they cause nerve damage. Fourth-degree burns are burns that extend into the body’s muscle and bone and are the worst type of burn injury.

Treatment of burns and successfulness of treatment will depend on the severity of the burn. First and second-degree burns are usually simple to treat, and will leave minimal (if any) permanent scarring. However, more serious second-degree and third-degree burns can lead to problems with the skin tissues, bones, and organs. If these problems arise, the burn victim can require surgery, rehabilitation, and even lifelong care.

Unfortunately, pain caused by burns can be one of the longest-lasting types of pain. To make matters worse, the treatment of burns itself causes lots of pain because the burn must be cleaned and dressed to prevent infection. Don’t go through additional suffering—if you or a loved one have sustained serious burn injuries, call the Houston Burn Injury Lawyer at the Merman Law Firm today.