Fungal Meningitis Attorney

Fungal Meningitis Attorney, Derek Merman

The fungal meningitis attorney at the Merman Law Firm currently represents victims injured by contaminated compounding pharmacy products. The latest in a growing epidemic of recalled compounding pharmacy products also implicated fungal infections – this time it is “Main Street Pharmacy.”

According to national news sources, Main Street Pharmacy has issued a nation-wide recall of its compounding pharmacy products because of the potential they could cause deadly fungal infections. The company issued a recall of its entire stock of sterile products manufactured after Dec. 6, 2012, following reports that seven patients in North Carolina and Illinois might have suffered skin abscesses at the site of the injection.

The recalled drug is the anti-inflammatory steroid Methylprednisolone acetate.  Methylprednisolone acetate is used to treat inflammation, asthma, joint and upper respiratory issues. It is suspected of killing at least 55 people last year following an outbreak of fungal meningitis.  Fungal meningitis is among the worst of the fungal infections that can be caused by unsterile steroid and other injectable medicines.

Patients in 13 states at risk for fungal infection – fungal infection attorney

Main Street Family Pharmacy of Newbern, Tennessee, shipped the tainted medicine to clinics in 13 states.  Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, California, Louisiana and Alabama.  Consumers in these states that have received contaminated steroids from Main Street Pharmacy and developed fungal infections should contact an fungal infection attorney immediately.  The New England Compounding Center, responsible for last year’s fungal meningitis outbreak, declared bankruptcy when it’s practices were made public.  There is no reason to believe Main Street Pharmacy would not do the same if it’s contaminated products cause a similar outbreak of fungal infections.