Blood infections caused by recalled calcium gluconate injections – Rhodococcus equi – Texas compound pharmacy recall

Blood Infections caused by Recalled Calcium Gluconate Injections

Prefilled Calcium Gluconate injections were recalled today after more that fifteen people got blood infections after using the medicine.  The blood infections caused by recalled calcium gluconate injections manufactured by Specialty Compounding in Cedar Park, Texas.   The blood infections caused by  recalled calcium gluconate injections affected more than a dozen people in Texas who received the medicine while in two Texas hospitals.    The blood infections caused by recalled calcium gluconate injections are potentially fatal.  The calcium gluconate was used for treatment of cardiac arrest, to treat calcium deficiency and to treat elevated potassium levels.  Why the hospitals were using medicines manufactured at a compounding pharmacy remains a mystery.

The FDA stepped up inspections after last September’s outbreak of fungal meningitis, caused by contaminated epidural steroid injections from the New England Compounding Center. Those injections caused a nationwide outbreak, which killed 63 people and sickened 749.  The Merman Law Firm is currently representing clients in that case…the injuries reported range from abscesses to meningitis,  brain inflammation, and dozens of deaths according to the CDC.

Compounding pharmacies have come under increased scrutiny since that outbreak. Although compounders traditionally made small amounts of drug for individual patients, many compounding pharmacies today function more like major manufacturers, shipping thousands of products at a time.  Somehow, these medicines are ending up at our hospitals, causing illnesses and deaths like the  blood infections caused by recalled calcium gluconate injections in two Texas hospitals.

Blood infections and Fungal meningitis from Compounding Pharmacies

Recent recalls include:

  • Earlier this month, Illinois-based Nexus Pharmaceuticals voluntarily recalled two lots of another injectable drug, benztropine mesylate, used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The recall occurred after visible particles were discovered in the injections;
  • In July, Beacon Hill Medical Pharmacy of Michigan recalled certain products after questions were raised about their sterility;
  • In June, Illinois-based Fresenius Kabi USA recalled four lots of benztropine mesylate Injection due to the potential presence of glass particles in the vials;
  • Also in June, Main Street Pharmacy issued a recall of injectable steroid products that were not sterile and caused fungal meningitis cases;
  • Palimed Solutions issued a recall of several of its products suspected of causing fungal infections; and, of course,
  • NECC, recalled its steroid injections after killing dozens of people and then declaring bankruptcy.

The Merman Law Firm is committed to representing the victims of the compounding pharmacy loophole that permits these companies to mass-produce medicines with no sterility and barely any oversight.