Alere INRatio Current State of Litigation

Alere INRatio Monitors and Test Strips were recalled in December of 2014 for producing inaccurate test results when compared to laboratory testing. Patients taking blood thinners such as warfarin need to constantly monitor their blood clotting to make sure they do not suffer a serious bleed. Inaccurate readings caused by Alere INRatio products could cause a person to get the wrong dose of warfarin, in turn causing them to be injured by having a serious bleeding event.

Although the FDA had received almost 19,000 adverse event reports regarding Alere INRatio Monitors and Test Strips from 2013-2014, so far there have not been very many lawsuits filed against Alere. As it currently stands, there is no class action or multidistrict litigation regarding the Alere INRatio monitors. Though this may change in the future, right now all lawsuits filed against Alere will be on an individual basis.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious bleeding event that may have been caused by an inaccurate Alere INRatio Monitor or Testing Strip, call the Merman Law Firm today for immediate assistance.