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Trucking Accident Results

D.T. v. ABF Freight Lines

On May 3, 2016, D.T. was traveling westbound on IH-30, when he was struck from behind by T. Smith, driving in an ABF Freight 18-wheeler. In the crash, D.T. struck his head and injured his shoulder and back.

D.T. was treated at the scene by EMS and transported to Baylor University Medical Center ER. D.T. treated with his private doctors thereafter. D.T. was diagnosed with a SLAP injury that limited his extra-curricular activities.

D.T. had almost $30,000 dollars in medical bills and had lost $864 worth of time from work. The Merman Law Firm made a demand on the trucking company and negotiated a settlement for D.T. We resolved Mr. T’s property damage on his car at no fee to him. The Merman Law Firm also negotiated a settlement for Mr. T that paid for all of his outstanding medical bills and put over $25,000 in D.T.’s pocket – free and clear - after fees, expenses, and medical bills.

Result: Settlement for Plaintiffs
All Medical Paid
Plaintiff Pocketed: $27,568.96 (tax free)
Attorney Fees: $20,000.00

J. G. v. Defendant Trucking, Inc. Cause No. 2008-40776 in the 215th District Court of Harris County, Texas

J.G. was injured when his truck ran under an 18-wheeler that had pulled out into the road in front of him.  The roof of J.G.’s truck was sheared off and his head was pinned between his seat back and the trailer on the truck.  Mr. Merman, working at the time with Robert Luke, alleged that J.G. had the right of way.  As alleged in the final petition, J.G. suffered severe bodily injury, including severe brain injury.  Mr. Merman and Mr. Luke litigated the case for almost two years and took more than a dozen depositions before finally settling the case for a confidential amount.

Result:  Confidential Settlement for Plaintiff