The Merman Law Firm is helping businesses affected by the BP oil spill

As part of the BP oil spill settlement, businesses in Chambers, Galveston, Jefferson and Orange Counties may be entitled to compensation for revenue lost between May and December, 2012.  The deep horizon oil spill affected the Gulf Coast in ways that you may not realize.  Tourism was down, people were out of work, some folks were relocated…all of these things could have caused you to miss out on revenue your business should have had.  The BP Oil Spill settlement recognizes that the affects of the spill are hard to quantify, so the fund is open to any business in area determined to by affected by the BP Oil Spill that can show a loss in 2010 followed by a rebound in 2011.  The Merman Law Firm can help you collect your lost profits.

In order to qualify, you must be in one of the economic zones determined by the Court to have been affected by the BP oil spill.  You can check what zone your business is in on this interactive map.

Basically, Galveston is Zone C and Jefferson, Orange and Chambers Counties are Zone D. 

If you are in Galveston and your business meets the criteria, you may be entitled to compensation from the BP Oil Spill Settlement. 

Was your business revenue was off by at least 8.5% as compared to prior years?

Did your business bounced back by 5% in 2011?

If so, even if you are not sure the reduced revenue was related to the BP Oil Spill, call the Merman Law Firm immediately and we will compile the necessary documents and submit your claim to the Court.   If you have tax returns and profit and loss statements from 2009, 2010 and 2011, submit them to the Merman Law Firm to determine if you have a claim for a portion of the multi-billion dollar BP Oil Spill settlement. 

There are time limits to make a claim…don’t delay or you may miss out on this opportunity to share in the multi-billion dollar BP Oil Spill settlement!