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Defective Drug Lawyer

Every year in the United States, defective drugs are responsible for billions of dollars in medical expenses and an untold amount of needless pain and suffering. Even though the U.S. has the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review the safety and effectiveness of drugs before their use, sometimes a bad drug still ends up on the market.

Why Choose the Merman Law Firm for Your Defective Drug Case?

The lawyers and staff at the Merman Law Firm are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service for your defective drug case. Mr. Merman has a bachelors degree in Biology from Baylor University and is well versed in the science of defective drug litigation.  Mr. Merman has also been the lead attorney on several high-profile defective drug lawsuits, recovering millions of dollars for our clients.  The Merman Law Firm has been actively involved in hundreds of defective drug cases ranging from deaths following dialysis in the Granuflo lawsuits, gynecomastia from off-label prescriptions of the antipsychotic Risperdal, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension cases from ingesting diet drugs (like fen-phen and others), and dozens of others.

The Merman Law Firm prides itself on providing the ideal representation for each client.  In some cases, that means the Merman Law Firm handles the case alone and in others, it means strategically joining forces with other firms to gain leverage over a defendant drug manufacturer. The primary focus in every defective drug case is to maximize the recovery for the victim and the victim’s family.  Mr. Merman has represented friends and family in defective drug cases and treats every client as if they are a friend or family member.

No-Risk Representation

As with any case, your defective drug case begins with a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our firm experienced with defective drug litigation.  If you are injured and decide that The Merman Law Firm is the right firm for your case, and we determine that we can service your needs and act as your counsel, then we step in and take care of everything we possibly can so that you can focus on healing your body and getting back to your regular life.  If you have lost a loved one to a defective drug, we will help establish the probate proceedings and try to make this process as easy for your as possible.

There is no risk to you when the Merman Law Firm handles your case.  The Merman Law Firm will upfront all of the costs of your case and you only pay your lawyer for the fees and expenses if we recover. There are no circumstances where you have to reach into your pocket and pay the Merman Law Firm – either the drug company pays or we do not get paid at all.

Personal Service

We take our motto, “personal service for personal injury victims,” seriously and we want to make this process as simple as possible for you.  Some of the things we do to achieve this goal when you have been injured by a defective drug are:

    • Research the science behind the drug,
    • Trace the FDA approval process to determine if any corners were cut,
    • Hire exceptional experts to provide root-cause analysis and reports,
    • Open a probate proceeding to ensure the case runs as smoothly as possible,
    • Evaluate the state of litigation nationally,
    • Collaborate with other firms and pooling scientific knowledge,
    • Collect your medical records and determine the best venue (location) for your lawsuit,
    • File your lawsuit in the proper forum,
    • Conduct depositions, hearings, mediation, and trial or work with another firm to cost-effectively manage the litigation, and
    • Keep you informed and answer your questions throughout the process.

We Get Results!

Everything we do is aimed at making the process easy for you and maximizing your recovery. We are very proud of our results and our winning percentage in a trial.  Mr. Merman’s personal trial record includes tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements. Click here to read about some representative cases we have handled – we have only listed a few cases – because each case is different and we will treat you as an individual.